The digital phantom menace

Hello this post is part two of

Very little to report really. I have mostly been working from home and just heading to pharmacy to collect my medication prescription. Walked out with my coat on this morning to walk to boots where I picked up my prescription from the weather was lush. On the way back it stopped raining so I was able to put my hood down and see where I was going properly.

Still working on competing a list of parish council’s in Devon linked to parish centres and hubs. It’s really interesting and I hope to get out to some of those hubs once lock down is over and take some photos.

So I had no reply from the police and no reply from Natural England, both of who I contacted and left messages with yesterday. After getting some advice from my dad due to an incident he witnessed yesterday I decided to call the 101 number for the police and see if they had received my email. After a little time I got through to a lovely young woman who was able to advise me that the police emailing system has no record of reciting my email and that it was important that I had emailed the wildlife team as this might be a crime to investigate. She took my phone number and contact details and set up ticket ID for me there and then and asked me to re send the now lost email. How computer systems for the police lose emails I am not sure but hey, how. So I was busy preparing the information again to send to them when I got a phone call. It was a police officer that had just spoken to the women that I had been speaking to.

They still could find no evidence of the email or photos that I had sent to them or the photos that I had sent or a police log. So we both now had the log that the nice lady on the phone had just regenerated and I asked the officer if I could forward him the email I sent yesterday copying in the wildlife officer too. He agreed that that would be a good idea.

As he was speaking to me he also wanted to make a note of my address and name because as well as my email they were also not coming up on the police system. So I gave him my address and described to him where I lived and he said he would look further into finding me on the police records. It’s weird the last people you expect to have no record of you is the police. Amazon, Umber and Royal mail all know where I live so why don’t the police a little worrying.

Not long after I put the phone down on him a cop car drove past my front window so I am hoping they are looking into the culling of the trees and hedges email, but I am very surprised about how much effort it has taken to get through to the right people and still don’t know if my efforts are in vain.

So to be continued people Sorry nothing exciting no loss or victory on this matter yet.

Better photo of some of the greenery that survived

I will try and let you know if I have any news tomorrow



I am so thankful for my parents they both no how to both ground me and let me fly in equal measures.

Devon Bard when he was young, when there first single came out a friend of mine, who is the same chap that I pay to do the design of my website worked in a pub in Exeter called Chumleys, she was so proud of her big brother Chris Martin for having a chart topping hit and little did she or anyone else know then that he would go on to be such a global superstar.

The machine struck back

I feel like I lost a friend today. The sound of silence on my road is deafening today.

Up until now the I thought I was doing OK working from home, walking in thee morning was good and everything going ok trapped in my little bubbling filling in my time.

And then I saw it.

The photo above is a small sample image of the chopping down of a widlife corridor thanks to network rail, who in their wisdom while everyone is under lock down are going around and butchering 100’s of meters of wildlife and on the same day disposing of the evidence so that the damage that they have done has been taken away. With no evidence left they might not be able to be prosecuted. The only small wild birds I saw today are the sweet little fellers that flew out from the one remaining bush that the railway works had left standing with some tape around it. The rest of the shrubs have probably been carted off to an incinerator to destroy the evidence. This feels like a potential environmental crime scene. Over the last month the birds have been singing, dancing in the air, breeding and feeding and now one of their biggest homes right on my doorstep in the middle of a city is gone.

Action is futile

But never the less attempting to act is what I have done. First I emailed the local Green council and the local Devon Wildlife Trust explaining what had happened and asking them what to do. This was about 08:00am so before work I started work it then got to 15:00pm and I had been working hard myself on a project for Devon Communities Together and I had still not heard anything so thought I had better check on what there response would be. The Green councillor answered her phone and was keen to encourage me to act myself and gave me some neat hints and tips about what to do and who to which I took on board.

The Devon Wildlife Trust Website advised me to phone Royal Society for Prevention of Crualty to Animals which is what I did. They then advised me to contact Natural England to check if the work by Network Rail was authorised and legal to do. So I have now done that and am waitng to here back. The councillor also advised me to contact the local wildlife police officer, which is what I have now also done so I fowarded the two photos I took this morning to the Police. The left side of the photo below is where they cut everything down and the right is a small patch of how it all looked for 100’s of meters along the track.

I have no idea if they have broken the law or what if any the sanctions will be. Even if they get caught out and it is proved that they butchered wildlife while the rest of us are under lockdown and unable to witness the butchering of the bird nests. It will be a hollow and somewhat meaningless victory. I am very sad for the loss of the bird’s home in Exeter on what feels like my door step.

I had bought a wildlife bird table and food which is still traveling to me in the post I do hope my area of Exeter will have some birds around to come to it.

I am still really sad about all this and feel that only when we do nothing do bad men make decisions that impact on the good but by doing nothing we let them win without even trying to stop or prevent it from happening again. I can’t bring the nests back but I can make sure I never forget the type of men that do this and work to counter the wrong’s they do from my little bubble.

So armed with just a digital camera, a contacts list to network and a custom built PC in my lounges I now have to wait to see what happens next and hope the birds in my neighbourhood learn to sing again and that some good might come of this wicked acts and deeds.

to be continued.

HS2 rail link Ecocide

Please be a part of a movement that ends ecocide and just click the link to sign today.

Sometimes I read things that really infuse my soul with passion and anger and this is one of those things. If ecocide laws were introduced in UK this kind of wanton destruction of ancient woodland and wild places could be challenged lawfully. If not it begs the question how far must people go in order to put a stop to how far they are prepared to go. Those that see have vision. Those that do let us not forget your sacrifice. HS2 Rail Link: Ancient Woods under Threat – Woodland Trust.

HS2 rail link

HS2 is a grave threat to the UK’s ancient woods, with 108 at risk of loss or damage. We can’t let this happen. 

Up and down the country, ancient woods and trees face the axe to make way for the high speed train line. 

Despite a lengthy review process, Government announced on 11 February 2020 that the project will still go ahead. 

Woods under threat from HS2:

Phase 1: latest news

Phase 1 of HS2 will link London and Birmingham. 32 ancient woods will be directly affected. A further 29 will suffer secondary effects such as disturbance, noise and pollution.

We campaigned, lobbied and petitioned Government about this phase’s impact. We argued that HS2 should first avoid and, if not possible, minimise damage to ancient woods and trees, and the species dependent on them.

Enabling works are well underway on sections of Phase 1. HS2 Ltd. has to let the Trust know of any works proposed within 100m of ancient woodland.

However, if there are works happening near you that affect ancient woodland, you can let us know using our report a threat form.

Phase 2a: the ongoing fight

Phase 2a runs from Lichfield to Crewe.

In May 2019, we appeared before the HS2 Select Committee at the House of Commons for a third time. We raised further concerns about proposed Phase 2a changes that impact ancient woodland.

These changes reduced the railway’s impact on Whitmore Wood, but only by 0.5ha. Whitmore Wood is still impacted by the single biggest loss of ancient woodland on the entire scheme – an enormous 5.5ha. A single tunnel in this area would remove this loss, but unfortunately the Select Committee has so far rejected this option. 

Phase 2b: worse than we thought

Phase 2b is in two parts. The western leg runs from Crewe to Manchester and the eastern leg runs from Lichfield to Leeds. At least 19 ancient woods are threatened with direct loss – and we expect that number to increase as more woodland is added to the Ancient Woodland Inventory (AWI). 

Another 11 ancient woods are subject to indirect damage.

Over 38,000 people responded to the draft Environmental Statement consultation in 2018, with a staggering 32,000 of these from the Woodland Trust’s campaign.

We’re now waiting for a final Environmental Statement consultation. Once it’s available, we’ll let you know and help you to respond.

Key successes so far

Though there’s still a long way to go, our work has had real success, including:

  • influencing MPs to support a tunnel extension in the Chilterns, saving over nine hectares of ancient woodland
  • persuading HS2 Ltd. to remove temporary works, such as construction compounds and stockpiles, from ancient woodland
  • convincing HS2 Ltd. to examine the impacts of the scheme not just on ancient woods, but also ancient and veteran trees, and potential unmapped areas of ancient woodland
  • halting enabling works in 11 ancient woodlands due to be affected by Phase 1 during the 2019-20 Oakervee Review into if and how the scheme should proceed
  • saving 14ha – the size of 22 football fields – of ancient woodland in total.

But there is much left to do. HS2 remains a huge danger to our precious ancient woodland, a danger which, with your continuing support, we’ll keep fighting every step of the way.

|View of the woodland trust

While we are in favour of green transport and not against high speed rail projects in principle, we are strongly opposed to the HS2 route.

With at least 108 ancient woods being subject to damage and loss, we consider that the impact of the HS2 route on ancient woods and trees across the UK landscape is wholly unacceptable.

Any transport system that destroys irreplaceable habitats such as ancient woodland can never be called ‘green’.

Green tide rising

So it’s 19:11 on Tuesday the 28th April 2020. Had a hard day’s work at home. A lot of attention to detail and planning and data management being undertaken. It’s hard work and I am getting there but afraid to make a mistake which is ultimately slowing me down.

With regard to working on this website I have posted about 113 posts this month 114 including this one.

A very good friend has been helping me make the site more searchable as he is a website designer by trade and so has many years experience at working on sites. As I don’t have his permission today to share his contact details so I will not give him a plug on here just yet.

We are trying to make the site easier to search and find information on and hope that the search facilities of the site continue to evolve as the site grows.

I also bought a T-shirt today from the USA Green Party

Rise!Resist!Revolt! T-Shirt – Green

Will try and take a photo of it on when it arrives if you wish to support the Green Party of the USA and are able to purchase there produces go to their website link below to buy something cool which will also help the party.

Green party stuff to buy

In Exeter we elected our first green councillor onto the Exeter City Council so it does go to show you can get green when you vote green.

Happy Voting and campaigning all of my American readers, please look to what you want in a leader and party and try and let others know why you think it is a great idea.

Not voting should not be an option. Now a song from a UK musician. Speaking of the UK general election I voted Labour in the last one and we lost so our battle was lost this time but America your battle is still yet to be fought. A truly exciting battle in which I will try cheer from the sidelines. Best of British luck to all who play the game with honesty, dignity and respect. God bless

Natures Rebirth

Having had a busy day in work preparing a database with all village halls matched to its respective parish council I was able to clock off at 5pm on the dot after having entered 200 of about 450 of the little blighters. I tell you working in Administration the fun never stops!!! I had my tunes blasting, foot tapping and tea poring all in all a good productive day in the home office.

My favourite tune that came up on my spotify account is definitely the one below, so funky.

So a little more foot tapping and slight rocking forward and backward still loving this tune. This band have played in Exeter a couple of times at the Phoenix I am sure they are amazing not seen them myself, saying that I should definitely get out more. Well get out more when this lock down is over anyway.

The second tune by them is just as cool, dance to the beat the beat the beat. It’s mystical and spooky very cool.

So back to what I was originally going to blog about tonight.

I saw the following article in the Guardian about a breading programme for Storks who have not been breading in the wild for centuries or since 1416 to be precise so a really positive UK wildlife story about action, conservation and hope.


First wild stork chicks to hatch in UK in centuries poised to emerge

More than 100 birds have been living wild in England as part of conservation scheme

Patrick Barkham @patrick_barkham

Storks on the Knepp Castle estate

Storks on the Knepp Castle estate. The area is a hot spot for endangered species. Photograph: RA Chalmers Photography/Alamy

The first wild stork chicks to hatch in Britain for centuries are expected to emerge next month after three pairs of the huge white birds built nests in West Sussex.

Disdaining platforms constructed especially for them, the storks have created their stick nests in the heights of oak trees on the Knepp estate, the centre for a reintroduction project.

White storks are traditionally thought to bring fertility and good luck but have been extinct as breeding birds in Britain since 1416, or possibly during the English civil war.

More than 100 birds have been bred in captivity and released at three locations in West Sussex and Surrey, including Knepp, a 3,500-acre former dairy farm that was rewilded at the turn of the century.

How darn exciting

On another bit of good news my membership card for Moor Trees turned up I have rejoined them. I used to be a member when I was on the board of Directors with them and pleased to be supporting them again now membership card is made out of some lovely card.

Well that me done for another brief moment in time.

If you got this far thank you so much for reading.



P.M. Boris is back

So our democratically elected prime minster is back in office today to do his job and be held to account. Didn’t they do well while he was away?

One of the things this poster misses out was the pay rise they all gave themselves during this s#itshow

Well I have been doing my rounds this morning collected my daily bread and paper among other supplies. Was asked for my ID for the first time too which I politely showed him.

I don’t mind seeing these little beauties because the authorities can step in if something kicks off or if it is a home cam at least they are a witness to any trouble that might occur. A little like politicians on ZOOM ZOoom zoom..

The  only thing I do almost religiously really around Exeter now is press the little traffic button. You just never know who will stop or when otherwise at least crossing when the lights go green reduces my chances of a hit and run job.

08:55 on 27th April 2020 so nearly time to start working busy day today too.

This video is filmed in Exeter on the Quayside. Great band I am a huge fan of their songs.

Harry Potter gets the Horns

I am still not sure how You tube recommends videos to me but this little beauty just came up on my time line its a smooth dark twisted tail with a bitter sweet ending. I saw it late at night a few years ago and thought what the smeg Harry

Well I was scanning some photos of when I was little today for my mum we really love having photos to remember stuff and so after I emailed them to her she posted them onto Facebook.

So here is me on a beach in France preparing to do battle with the tide in my little dug out on the beach.

I actually got around to taking somer rare selfiies today too it’s what I wear when I go to the shop first thing in the morning and then when I am working on my computer through out the day.

Not too bad although need a shave in the morning or that stubble is goner rub. Smile please.

There that was not too difficult was it.

Slàinte Mhath

Why do you say Slàinte Mhath, and what does it mean?

Raising a glass is common practice in many pubs, bars and gatherings, whether it’s for celebration, commiseration or simply because it’s the end of a long week. There are so different ways to say “cheers” in many countries all over the world, however, in Scotland, it’s Slàinte Mhath!

Irish or Scots Gaelic?

The term Slàinte Mhath (Pronounced Slanj-a-va) is actually both Irish and Scots Gaelic. The way the phrase is pronounced is the same for both dialects, however the way it is spelt differs subtly. The Irish spell it Slàinte Mhaith. The phrase translates to “Good health” in both dialects, and if you want to respond to this using Scots Gaelic, you would say, “do dheagh shlainte” meaning “to your good health.”

Where did Gaelic originate?

Scots Gaelic is believed to have come from a northern region of Ireland and was carried over to Scotland, particularly to the west coast and Highland areas in around the 4th or 5th century. The people who spoke Gaelic were referred to as the Gaels. The spread of the language grew to the Lowland areas of Scotland in the 8th century.

Why do we say Cheers?

Alcohol has been around for many centuries and so has raising a glass and toasting to good health. It is not exactly clear when and where this tradition originated from, however there is a theory that the practise of raising a toast may have derived from the Romans, who would raise a glass during ceremonies or rituals to honour the gods. A sacred liquid such as blood or wine would be used as an offering or even as a prayer for good health.

The Gaelic language is still spoken throughout the west coast and in some parts of the Highlands, and is experiencing a revival across the country from old and new speakers alike. Slàinte Mhath may just be a simple phrase, but it highlights and educates visitors from across the world about Scotland’s native language, and that’s something we can all keep toasting to!


Rough guide to Quayside for Babs

So there is a friend and author that I have been sending message s through on Facebook she has one of the biggest hearts for nature and the environment that I have ever witnessed in my life. Her book is called Babs2Brisbane and can be bought on Amazon and is all about her traveling to Australia by none flight method in order to get to a wedding and it’s a wonderful read.

I wont spoil it for you and let you know if she got to the wedding you will have to buy the book to find out.

The image above is from her travels many years ago. Not long after she met me I think. I had no idea I would meet someone that would run off to Austalia just after we met.

Why Babs has put up with me off and on over the years I really don’t know she is a very kind soul. She is also a good musician.

I told Babs I would get some views of the Historic Exeter Quayside near to where I lived to look at.

It was a little dull morning but you can just make out the Haven Banks which is on the side of the sports centre
Next photo is the actual Quayside
The bridge takes you from my side of the river onto the side where the Devon Wildlife Trust Office is based
The Bridge is called Cricketpitt Bridge which is the same as the name of the Mill that Devon Widlife Trust built.
Some Swans in the River Exe
Two seagulls on the Cricklepitt Bridge

My old office for where I used to work for South West Widlife Fundraising before the Heartless Bastards sacked me.

Devon Widelife Trusts Cricklepitt Mill Head Office

Me and Babs both worked for Devon Widlife Trust at different times and I got made redundant by them after the Foot and Mouth outbreak while I was having a Psychosis, what’s known in the trade as kicking you when your down.

A wild flower outside of BT office on Quayside possibly a snowdrop but I do not know!
I thought these little beauties were pretty
On my way to the shop now and I see these two fellers on the path so haev to go around them.
There they are again
There are some more birds in this last photo.

Well Babs you have not been to the Quayside in Exeter yet and I hope you like the little guided tour I did for you.

Thank you for being a good friend and I am sorry I am a little scaty I am not always this bad honest. Lots of Love Huw x

This song is by Emily who runs the Angel Open mic in Exeter on a Wednesday night she is a living Legend and her band are great. She also has a night on the Quayside once a fortnight. Hope you like.

Another one of Exeter’s folk – I last saw Rosie Eade sing at the Bowling Green Pub in Exeter back in 2019.

Hu Gardarn

Did you ever try googleing yourself, well I found a few things that got my goggle box googled many years ago.

In Summary Hu Gardan was the leader of his people who taught them how to plough. Why it says plough and not farm I don’t know. What I also don’t know is whether it is fact, fiction, mythology or newly written it still remains unclear. Some text also refer to him as being the horned God and this God still appears in fiction to this day.

Below is a page about him from BBC Wales

Hu Gadarn

Also known as Hu the Mighty, Hu Gadarn was said to have brought the Welsh to Britain from Deffrobani (the Summer Country). There he taught them to plough, and invented the medium of song to aid memory.

After he became king of the first Britons there were said to have been a series of great floods caused by an afanc (water-dwelling monster). Hu’s oxen drew the afanc from its domain, enabling it to be defeated and halting the floods.

Hu Gadarn originated in a series of Triads popularised by Iolo Morganwg in the 18th century. Unfortunately the Triads are considered a forgery, and there is little to establish it as an authentic tradition prior to this time.

Although a Huw was mentioned in the Book of Taliesin, there is little to connect the two figures. The name Huw Gadarn does feature in a number of medieval Welsh manuscripts, including the Red Book of Hergest and White Book of Rhydderch, where he was depicted as the emperor of Constantinople, though the tales were adapted from a French romantic tale.

In the 20th century Robert Graves, in The White Goddess, identified Hu with the horned god Cernunnos. Other sources have aligned him with the Celtic god Esus, and on occasion he was known as Hu Hesus, through which Romantics identified him with Jesus.

Hold back the river by James Bay

A Green Knight of Legend

Just watched the trailer for the film above looks well cool. It would be epic to watch in an open air cinema where social distancing takes place or I would watch at home too.

Also went looking for a bible in my flat earlier so digging around in old boxes from when Iived with my parents and found the most random stuff.

Firstly there are these two little fellers and the one on the left is called Erin and has a little shamrock for a heart and the second one on right is called ‘The End’

So did I find a bible well unfortuntly not it must be at my mums and I don’t think I need one now, you can look up practicly anything on the internet when it comes to morality and most Christains especially the ones from the USA seem to be selfmastertyping about how much they Love each other with xxx kisses too and that is really not my scene. Actions speak far loader than words in my good book so if your boasting about how much you love god and god loves you with xtra kisses and using your ‘I am a Cathalic so I am saved from the gates of hell’ tag as some kind of free pass to heaven I think you really do have to get over yourself wake up and smell the coffee. What I really want to know is not how much you type for God but what are your works and deeds for God. Those are the things that motivate me and inspire me. Not selfderbating about who Loves Jesus the most or how happy they are that Jesus dies for them. Get over yourselves for Gods sake.

So this is the first book I found and it is a l kind of science fiction fantasy book about the present, past and future of planet earth. It really does get you thinking multidimentonaly and I kind of started thinking about the concept of a global village and blessings to all gods and godesses after I read this book back in the 1990’s. It touches on the idea of whether Jesus had to die in order to be the leader of Christian faithful and considers the concept that it is in the life of Jesus that our peoples learning should be based and not in his death. Is that a heretical thought or a sinful thought, well seeing as how I am not a Catholic and was baptised under Church of England I have nothing to confess to anyone my sins have been forgiven in the eyers of Christ due to my baptism and my freedom of speech and questioning nature might be hereasy but Jesus loves and forgives all. Finally not forgetting he died for mine and your right to continue to sin and act like twats well arn’t we the lucky ones. So I feel comforatable with my freedom to express myself and call out all Christians that do not work towards a physical change in the world for the better and to act toward the improvment and unenslavement of their fellow men and women as waist of space and a waist of the death of your Jesuse Christ. Praise be to GLOB!

Second book I found might well be less than fiction and the cover speaks for itself.

Final book about the theory and culture of the matrix was again a fun read.

God bless us even the hummies that live swimming in there own ignornace, sin and self serving nature, they no not what they do and even if they do know exactly what they are doing that aint my problem. Regardless of who or how you are judged by hummies on this earth in this life, it will be God who ultimalty gives you and me our score card when we die and go to a different place.

Moby the Vegan Living Legend

What does niggle my noddle is why do people behave badly if they know God exists, it’s like the very last thing Jesus said before he dies the first time time which was “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” why would a sinless being ask such a question and why would it be his last question before he dies the first time? His last rights you might say.

By the way for any people that feel sadness or sorrow with what I write I am not trying to hurt you I am trying to help you.