Green tide rising

So it’s 19:11 on Tuesday the 28th April 2020. Had a hard day’s work at home. A lot of attention to detail and planning and data management being undertaken. It’s hard work and I am getting there but afraid to make a mistake which is ultimately slowing me down. With regard to working on this … Continue reading Green tide rising

Natures Rebirth

Having had a busy day in work preparing a database with all village halls matched to its respective parish council I was able to clock off at 5pm on the dot after having entered 200 of about 450 of the little blighters. I tell you working in Administration the fun never stops!!! I had my … Continue reading Natures Rebirth

Hu Gardarn

Did you ever try googleing yourself, well I found a few things that got my goggle box googled many years ago. In Summary Hu Gardan was the leader of his people who taught them how to plough. Why it says plough and not farm I don’t know. What I also don’t know is whether it … Continue reading Hu Gardarn