Uboat under the sea of time traveling one click at a time

As I write this note this evening, while sitting next to my televisual viewer or perescope as you might say. I notice the lights and engine sounds of my little desktop PC as it hums away on this evening with the lights out in my house now all turned down low and no noises outside I start to feel like I’m in my little bubble and the captain of my digital submarine sheltering from the coronaseavirus outside of my little bubble. From here I can surf anywhere on the world wide web and time travel across the pages of the web moving from one page to the next with the click of my mouse

Born in Bangor by the sea in 1976
Full steam ahead captain

A Copper field assembly

What to do?
I would like to stay in this old steam town

We once were cave men lived through the dark ages of man and women

What will be tomorrow will be but I do not know it is yet as it has not happened, but I always hope for the best and fear for the worst.

Global village of universal citizens god bless us ever single one. I hope I pray.

A boat trip from Portsmouth to Alderney back in the day

Unplug & recharge

With a little help from Spotify on random and Youtube going through my like list I thought I would post some songs that help me get through dark nights. Hope you like them too.

Casey a wonderdog one of my favourite all time songs
For riding waves of emotion on a difficult day
Looking forward to the summer
Finally a live recording from  Conor O’Brien
People are talking