The fool in the white house Trumps dark side

Well I started my holiday it’s been lovely sitting by my front window and watching the world go by.

Then Trump comes on the screen and it all goes down hill from there. Boy is he trying to spank his monkey all over mother earth at the moment.

Time out at Trump town

The Trump administration has sparked outrage after it revoked the reservation status of a Native American tribe that has lived on the land for 12,000 years. In late March, the US Interior Department ordered the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe’s 321 acres of land to be taken out of the federal trust and the reservation disestablished. The order strips the tribe of the ability to govern on the land – an area where they have been living long before the United States of America was established. The move sparked anger from Congress. On Friday, 18 members of the house sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Leader Charles Schumer asking to pass a pair of bills reaffirming the tribe’s land, including HR 312, which would restore the trust status to the reservation. ‘It would simply ensure the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe is no longer vulnerable to having its land taken out of trust,’ the letter stated.

Let your words speak your truth Trump. He is obsessed with invading aliens no matter where on the globe he thinks they are coming from. His whole economic social, ugenical and political policies are based on preventing outside alien invasions there is no other substance to what he says or does.

I swear I had sat down to just have a rest but when that beast from the west speaks his truths it’s I can’t help but speak my truth.

Trump the man with who has no depths to his satanic direction of travel, mind how you go it’s hot down there Trump. You do not speak for the land or your land you are but one man. At least he already has the tan line for his potential afterlife holiday destination.

Home for the holiday

Hopefully I can have a short break now. I had a chest infection back in the second week of January. I remember the night it began because I was due to return to work the next day and sods law it just kicked in the Sunday before work. I felt afraid, ill, hot and a lack of sense of taste and an overwelming unwillngess to eat. I lost about a stone in the space of about 10 days. That was my only ray of sunshine with the dam virus.

I psychologically, spiritually and sociologically put up my shutters and pressed my internal panic button and refused to go out and meet anyone until after 14 days of isolation it made me feel so bad that I did not want anyone to be bitch slapped as bad as I was with this infection so isolated myself with it just to be on the safeside.

So after that moment in time I returned to work as soon as I could which resulted in my brain over revving and running on close to empty (pitying myself here, I’m sure it was not that bad). But I did feel incredibly stressed, used by my employer and taken for granted at that moment in time.

This then made me try and get a job somewhere else which I have been trying to do anyway for a year or so because me mangers are either incompitent or negligent or a mixture of the two.

So things start to get blury in time now. Still fire fighting in my work, dealing with muppet managers and desperately trying to escape.

The second to last job I applied for was to a union as an adminsitrator I would have loved to do the job and my Dad said after reading my application that it looked like I was so desperate to leave my old job it read like a suicide note (Gee thanks for your love and support Dad).

That was not how it felt when I wrote it althought I did over do it with crafting it as if to say give me this job my time is now!

Well that amouted to zero but I kept on percervering, while still holding down my 9-5.

So the next job interview I get is one for a government department and low and behold they offered me the dam job only problem now is that corona19 kicks the world royally up the ass and stops me from having a start date. I don’t feel sorry for myself at this point. If anything I have survivors guilt cause I have hope that I havve found a harbour in a huge shit storm and I am more privaleged to be able to ride it out from my bubble than most.

So thats where I have got to now I look forward to contining my journey where ever it might take me, helping and being helped by friends old and new. I have still yet to start my new job but am safe in the work space of my old to, up untill this wave passes.

At thsi moment in time to my Christian friends I do hope you have a good Friday and a Happy Easter.

May your god even bless the unbelivers too.



A sinless life?

Unlike my normal clips you might have to actualy bother to watch the original film in order to understand its meaning

Was Jesus a Christian, we know he has born a Jew.

Well I was born a Christian but I am not a believer in the necessity of the death of Christ from having been nailed to a cross.

It was the world of man that nailed Christ to the Cross not the word of God.

Imagine if you will the legacy over the last 2000 years of Christ had lived to his death by old age and had had a family and children and his children had had children.

Would that be blasphemy to you, to God to the laws of man and God?

I think not. To celebrate death is not healthy. So to celebrate death under a blood stained cross is also not good in my opinion.

Back in the day I too could have been executed for blasphemy, hell I still might be shot, hurt or killed for my views.

Though if that is the will of God as was the life and death of Christ them although I disagree I will do my Gods bidding.

God bless us all everyone.

To serve till death do us part