Walt Disney Films

There were some great Walt Disney films to watch when growing up and going to the cinema and having that collective experience of watching an event together really was magical. Hearing someone laugh making you realize that the image on the film was funny and trying to hold back tears when things did not seem to be going so well.

I have picked out 3 trailers for 3 films that inspired me as a child. If you have children of your own perhaps these originals will inspire them to. Your children will not judge a cartoon by it’s age.

Now sit back and relax.

Thank you


Finally my personal favorite

Oh are you still here well if you have not seen these films I suggest you check out the originals!

Speaking of originals this song popped into my head this evening I find the words very meaningful. The concept that you can not own the land the land owns you. Great idea isn’t it.

Jeremy Corbyn

I have only just seen this I can not say I am surprised by the toxic nature of the right and if this has resulted in a blott on the landscape we will never know now. I hope people don’t mind but my local councilor in Exeter is a Green party Councillor and she has stood up to this challenging Coronavirus pandemic prior to others speaking out. I am so please I had faith in Jeremy Corbyn to at the last election to vote for him probably the best leader we never had. Universal suffrage is indeed a long road to freedom and we continue with that walk today. I am sorry to those that now feel anger, fear and like they have been betrayed. Try channeling those emotion to contact your elected representative and to speak your truth to them whether through post, email, Twitter or Facebook, to remind them we are still hear, watching and waiting and we are not going anywhere. Thank you JC for your service to this United Kingdom. Until we meet again at the ballot box to do battle once again my brothers and sisters.

African Wildlife

African Wildlife Defence Force

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IndustryPrivate ranger services contractor, Environmental protection
FounderJean Kiala
HeadquartersNgidinga, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Chokwe, Mozambique
Area servedAfrica below the Sahel
ProductsRanger training, Close quarter training, and specialist rural security services
ServicesAnti poaching, Wildlife management, Forestry management and Agroforestry consulting
RevenueDecrease US$ 10 Million
Number of employees350 (10 volunteers)

The African Wildlife Defence Force (AWDFAfrika Wildsweermag (Afrikaans), Force pour la défense de la faune sauvage Africaine (French), Força de defesa da vida selvagem Africana (Portuguese), Kikosi cha ulinzi ya wanyama pori barani Afrika (Swahili), 非洲野生動物防衛軍 (Chinese, traditional), 非洲野生动物防卫军 (Chinese, simplified)) is a private elite park ranger and anti-poaching organization based in Dungu, in the north-east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. AWDF uses direct action tactics to protect wild life and rainforests. The organization was founded in 2012 by Jean Kiala, a horticulturist and forester. It serves as an alternative to regular park ranger organizations who struggle with corruption, and seeks to eliminate the increasing levels of violence which poachers face.

Truly inspirational and humbling

Master Judea


Judea or Judaea, and the modern version of Judah is the ancient Hebrew and Israelite biblical, the contemporaneous Latin, and the modern-day name of the mountainous southern part of the region of Palestine. WikipediaPeakMount HebronPart ofPalestineDate dissolved: 135 ADHighest point – elevationMount Hebron; 1,020 m (3,350 ft)

Race to be king or Queen of the people

I am a commoner and my political power is held with in the ballet box.

With my Demons on my side this is our kingdom come and where my Demons hide

Universal basic Income

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, give a mother a budget and she will look after a home for a lifetime.

نحن أقوياء مثل الحلقة الأضعف في السلسلة نحن فلسطينيون

If a light has gone out can it ever be rekindled?


نحن أقوياء مثل الحلقة الأضعف في السلسلة نحن فلسطينيون