Green tide rising

So it’s 19:11 on Tuesday the 28th April 2020. Had a hard day’s work at home. A lot of attention to detail and planning and data management being undertaken. It’s hard work and I am getting there but afraid to make a mistake which is ultimately slowing me down.

With regard to working on this website I have posted about 113 posts this month 114 including this one.

A very good friend has been helping me make the site more searchable as he is a website designer by trade and so has many years experience at working on sites. As I don’t have his permission today to share his contact details so I will not give him a plug on here just yet.

We are trying to make the site easier to search and find information on and hope that the search facilities of the site continue to evolve as the site grows.

I also bought a T-shirt today from the USA Green Party

Rise!Resist!Revolt! T-Shirt – Green

Will try and take a photo of it on when it arrives if you wish to support the Green Party of the USA and are able to purchase there produces go to their website link below to buy something cool which will also help the party.

Green party stuff to buy

In Exeter we elected our first green councillor onto the Exeter City Council so it does go to show you can get green when you vote green.

Happy Voting and campaigning all of my American readers, please look to what you want in a leader and party and try and let others know why you think it is a great idea.

Not voting should not be an option. Now a song from a UK musician. Speaking of the UK general election I voted Labour in the last one and we lost so our battle was lost this time but America your battle is still yet to be fought. A truly exciting battle in which I will try cheer from the sidelines. Best of British luck to all who play the game with honesty, dignity and respect. God bless