Justice inside and outside Brazil

Sergio Moro: Brazil’s popular justice minister quits in Bolsonaro clash 3 hours ago Share this with Facebook Share this with Messenger Share this with Twitter Share this with Email Share Image copyright Reuters Image caption Sergio Moro was seen as a key figure in the government Brazil’s popular justice minister has resigned from President JairContinue reading “Justice inside and outside Brazil”

The Children of Men & Women

This film just popped up in my YouTube account when I started searching for a song about something else, it’s about a dystopian future where hope rides in a single human being and people must run and escape to some fantastical community of hope for humanity that will solve humanities problems. I saw this filmContinue reading “The Children of Men & Women”

Want to abolish the monarchy with me?

Hello, I thought you might be interested in this… Did you know there’s a campaign to abolish the monarchy? I’ve just become a member of ‘Republic’ – and I think you should join too. Republic campaigns to abolish the monarchy and replace the Queen with an elected, democratic head of state. It’s about time weContinue reading “Want to abolish the monarchy with me?”