OutRage! at 30

The following issue is really important to me. My Dad is gay and so is his partner they are both two of the most wonderful people you could ever meet. My Dads partner works in the NHS and my Dad is now retired,

I once asked my Dad when did you realised you were gay and he told me he knew because that is how he was born. A bulb lit in my mind thinking how did I know I was straight? The answer was exactly the same I was born straight.

Around the world people are still being beaten, jailed and persecuted for the sexuality that they were born with. A true miscarriage of justice.

Day-nesting turtles!

Sea Voice News

Sea Voice News

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An Estimated 60 Million Sea Turtle Eggs Have Been Laid On India’s Beaches

– by Alex LarsonLeave a CommentHawksbill turtles scramble down in empty beach in Brazil. Via City Hall of Paulista

U.S. Regime Change and Moral Rights Policy

Lisa Savage address for #MotherDay for U.S. Senate for Main speaks on areas effecting U.S. society.

I am posting this after having watched the full message myself. If you have time watch, listen and most importantly vote for who you believe in.

God Bless


REM – Near Wild Heaven