Environmental catastrophe or slow car crash syndrome!

I don’t know if you have ever been in a car accident or crash but for a very brief moment in time all your senses are heightened and it feels like everything that is happening in slow motion even though time ticks along at its same old pace. Your eyes are wide open and if like I was, your in the passenger seat then all you can do is sit and watch the driver hopefully move the vehicle to somewhere safe (if your lucky).

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was established in 1988 to provide policymakers with regular scientific assessments on the current state of knowledge about climate change. Today they issued a IPCC report is ‘code red for humanity’

Though many will still scoff at the idea of climate change and claim it’s still a matter of what ever they can try and stretch our little brains into believing it is, so long as it is anything other than actual climate change and does not interfere with their capitalist freedoms to make money at the expense of others, such naysayers will always exist on a spectrum of opinions and ideas about ever changing situations on big issues. There are many that still don’t believe that Covid-19 exists but at least they never stopped the development of vaccines and medical advancements for the rest of us.

We could seriously be looking at the car crash of a situation that could very much destroy this planet and all life on it if we are not careful, the idea of the destruction of wildlife, climate change and irreversible decline in climate are ideas that have been around the block since when I was a child and yet still we get headlines like those of today like this warning that this was some how not foreseen, certainly not acted upon as quickly as it could have been and were still in the eye of the storm or the screeching of the breaks of the car crash of a situation.

Just as with Covid-19 I feel that humanity has within it the capacity to do what is right, when it is asked to and by those that need to. But time really will wait for no man, women or environment to see if we learn our own collective climate changing lessons.  

Rory Ellis – Road of no return

Where does the time go?

It’s my Dad’s 70th Birthday this Friday 13th and seeing as how he was also born on a Friday 13th back in 1951 it somehow seems fitting that it’s a Friday that he celebrates his birthday on this week too. I can’t thank him enough for who he is what he does and how much love, support and help he has given me over the years.

He’s had his tough times in life but also I hope been given the opportunity to experience much joy too. I am not sure who or where I would be without his support. We are meeting up for his birthday in Exeter nothing too big or brash just a nice meal, some presents and a pint of ale or two for him and we will hopefully have a lovely night.

I have been digging through the archives of my computer, Facebook and other places and found a selection of photos that I really like that show you a little more about him.

Dad working in a Bar in North Tawton Devon, I took this photo and he has such a happy look on his face as if to say ‘Love you Son’
This is my Dad and his husband Shamen
My Dad me and a friend called Phill at my 18th birthday
My Dad on a holiday in Ireland that we went on in 2018