5 years to the day since I lost my big brother Andy Edwards after he took his own life.

Andy you are still deeply loved, missed and I very much wish you were still here. Last year was a pretty good rollercoaster discovering new friends and having fun with old ones too. Clan Edwards seemed to be doing ok for itself. I am sorry to say I did not get to speak to or see your son last year but I hope he is doing ok. I think with friends and family it’s not always about how often you see or speak to each other, it’s more about knowing that there is someone there that’s got your back and you have got theirs if they ever need you. I hope we grow to have that type of relationship if we don’t already have it and he knows where I am if he ever needs my help.  

This year has been a strange one so far and it is only the end of February! Work is ok but I am fearful for the charities future and therefore my own future employment too. Lots of people left the charity last year and we moved office twice. Our chief Exec has announced this week that she is going to retire, so lots of change happening.  This could be for the best in the long run though. The organisation does not seem good at adapting to change though; they seem instead to just muddle along in whatever direction the work tide takes them in. I am sure there will be more happening on this front by the time we get to your birthday.

Well Andy God bless, you are still deeply loved, missed and I very much wish you were still here.


Me and Andy my Bro

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