Consumption activism

The responsibility concerning the collapse of the world’s ecosystems, the destruction of its environment and an inaction on these destructive policies , falls at our doors today, into our bank accounts when we get paid and out of our wallets when we buy something. Bolsonaro’s cultural genocide of native people and Ecocide of Amazon RainforestContinue reading “Consumption activism”

A time of rebirth

I have become obsessed and passionate about ecocide and rewilding since lockdown in my bubble. Globally there are many areas of wildlife that can be rewilded and enable the eco-defence shield and buffering of Mother Nature or earth, but the re-establishment of wildlife areas and prevention of the dismantlement of what is still left isContinue reading “A time of rebirth”

What it takes to save a planet’s people?

It’s very simple, but very difficult to see that any political, legal or economic structure are comprehending it and if they do not comprehend it in our lifetime they and us we risk planetary suicide, murder and death. We need to stop Ecocide. ecocide/ˈiːkə(ʊ)sʌɪd/ Learn to pronounce nounnoun: ecocide destruction of the natural environment, especiallyContinue reading “What it takes to save a planet’s people?”

Exeter Anti-social distancing

It appears there are large swathes of people the globe over that have manged to justify to themselves the importance of no longer socially isolating whether it be to fonicating, fighting or fraternizing. The consequences of this choice of action is simply too early to say but I don’t think medical professionals and key worksContinue reading “Exeter Anti-social distancing”

CND – Rain helps to extinguish fire from Irish Independent

Rain helps extinguish Chernobyl forest fire Burned trees are seen after a forest fire outside the settlement of Poliske located in the 30 km (19 miles) exclusion zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Photo: Reuters Pavel Polityuk April 15 2020 01:30 AM A huge fire that tore through forests around the defunct Chernobyl nuclearContinue reading “CND – Rain helps to extinguish fire from Irish Independent”