Covid-19 Vs Trump

Trump gives his supporters liberty while Covid-19 gives them death! If you are still alive after this butchers little escapade please don’t vote him back into office (I’m refering to Trump of course as Death has yet to stand as the President of the USA! At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, denial wasContinue reading “Covid-19 Vs Trump”

Crossing the Digital fundraising divide

There are huge holes in lots of charities budgets at the moment both locally, nationally and internationally. I have been trying to help charities that I want to support and have discovered these hopefully useful tips and income streams for charities to use.   You might think that while a lot of shopping is goingContinue reading “Crossing the Digital fundraising divide”

What happened when we all stopped

#WorldEnvironmentDay “What happened when we all stopped” narrated by Jane Goodall First published on 4 Jun 2020 21K367ShareSaveTED-Ed 11.7M subscribers An animated poem exploring how the Covid-19 pandemic has reminded us of the importance of living in harmony with nature. Download a free children’s book version: — As millions around the world shelter atContinue reading “What happened when we all stopped”

Masked identity

Covid-19 is still out there, people will still die from it and Covid-Zombies still walk the earth thinking they will not get it or that it does not matter to them even if they do. At first it took one of our basic human needs/natural instincts – that to socialise and be close to oneContinue reading “Masked identity”

Exeter Anti-social distancing

It appears there are large swathes of people the globe over that have manged to justify to themselves the importance of no longer socially isolating whether it be to fonicating, fighting or fraternizing. The consequences of this choice of action is simply too early to say but I don’t think medical professionals and key worksContinue reading “Exeter Anti-social distancing”


Coronavirus zombies out in force – spread onto others as you would have spread onto yourself. Coronavirus: Americans flock to beaches on Memorial Day weekend Americans have flocked to beaches and lakes for Memorial Day weekend, often flouting restrictions imposed to tackle the coronavirus outbreak. Coronavirus: Cummings row raises fears over future of lockdown TheContinue reading “Coronavirus-Apocalypse”

Profit and pain of wildlife plunder

Wildlife SOS is credited with the eradication of the ‘dancing bear’ practice in India,[5] rescuing bears from abusive owners and poachers and rehabilitating them in one of four centers in India- 1. Agra Bear Rescue Facility (2000) in Agra 2. Bannerghatta Bear Rescue Facility (2005) in Karnataka 3. Van Vihar Bear Rescue Facility (2006) inContinue reading “Profit and pain of wildlife plunder”

What a complete Bore!!

Below is media generated propaganda that even Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of back in the day as HS2 bosses manipulate their way into naming the first HS2 Tunnel Boring Machines into that of iconic women. If HS2 were in charge of the Atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki no doubt they would haveContinue reading “What a complete Bore!!”