Life or death dealer, dream stealer

Please release Boris the prime minster our 1st among equals and keep him in the land of the living you are but a young and powerful being let Boris see what you might bloom into. Do not take away one of your favoured sons just because you think you should or can. However we wronged you I am sorry to you and what ever we shall do to make past wronges right I hope you realse him back to the warmth of his life path.

The black witch is riding the waves of the night.

I will do my best by you and for you but we both know they will bleed me dry given half a chance and that is not the way we want this to role. God bless us one and all. Whom do you serve and if we are all slaves to our moments in time what will our emancipation be. Humanity is built upon the love, lives and blood and bones of the dead let their lives not be in vain.
This is not a game you put all lives upon the line
A hope for the living and loving

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