A sinless life?

Unlike my normal clips you might have to actualy bother to watch the original film in order to understand its meaning

Was Jesus a Christian, we know he has born a Jew.

Well I was born a Christian but I am not a believer in the necessity of the death of Christ from having been nailed to a cross.

It was the world of man that nailed Christ to the Cross not the word of God.

Imagine if you will the legacy over the last 2000 years of Christ had lived to his death by old age and had had a family and children and his children had had children.

Would that be blasphemy to you, to God to the laws of man and God?

I think not. To celebrate death is not healthy. So to celebrate death under a blood stained cross is also not good in my opinion.

Back in the day I too could have been executed for blasphemy, hell I still might be shot, hurt or killed for my views.

Though if that is the will of God as was the life and death of Christ them although I disagree I will do my Gods bidding.

God bless us all everyone.

To serve till death do us part

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