Dixie Chicks – Traveling Souldier

Standing my ground on my own two feet not going anywhere in a hurry


The fact that we are still here must count for something

For we are here in the now so the future has not happened and Gaia’s future is not preordained – yes we experience echo’s of future hopes and fears. Though we might fall too deep into the digital electrical Pandora box or make knowing choices of ignorance or bloody mindedness or tempt fate and death too. We can kill prophets along with murdering brothers, sisters, sons and daughters too. Don’t wish your own negative doings to God there are positive echos of a potential future as well as negative echos with a multiversal possibility of paths.

For a holy daughter Gaia who is now coming into bloom there is a covenant between man and God where we all have a choice of freedom of will, to do what we do. As we are not machines and such a time as us being enslaved into machines might also not come to pass!

So be careful how, where and why you tread your footprints on Gaia for no doubt you wish treading on someone else Dreams.

Good luck and God speed


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