Jeremy Corbyn

I have only just seen this I can not say I am surprised by the toxic nature of the right and if this has resulted in a blott on the landscape we will never know now. I hope people don’t mind but my local councilor in Exeter is a Green party Councillor and she has stood up to this challenging Coronavirus pandemic prior to others speaking out. I am so please I had faith in Jeremy Corbyn to at the last election to vote for him probably the best leader we never had. Universal suffrage is indeed a long road to freedom and we continue with that walk today. I am sorry to those that now feel anger, fear and like they have been betrayed. Try channeling those emotion to contact your elected representative and to speak your truth to them whether through post, email, Twitter or Facebook, to remind them we are still hear, watching and waiting and we are not going anywhere. Thank you JC for your service to this United Kingdom. Until we meet again at the ballot box to do battle once again my brothers and sisters.

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