Post for adults only!!

I have left a lot of groups recently and found it a really positive step for mental well-being and wholeness. Too many pointless untruths being posted by wankers against the government and there fellow men. I dug too deep and have been a witness to some really dark shit over the last week and taken my eyes to places I am not prepared to go back too. Whilst being forced to have my views nailed to a cross or pay money to support some shit or other. If I could help those in need of help and tell those that are the problem to royally go fuck themselves I would. But as for tempting fate, doubting Thomas or even just plane old bad ass teenage ninja turtles out there all will get there recon-pence but I ain’t that dude to do it. For those in a hurrah to play Mr big or David versus Goliath I would say hopefully you will discover what shit went down once your dead and in the meantime that is not an endorsement.

Hold on like your life depended on it

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