Reborn in the depths of dispare

Thank you to the strangers on here that like and support what I try to do, I can’t ever explain how personal this all is but I feel this is my voice this is my time and if I do not speak a life might be lost and I am a greedy soul I want to help as many as I can. The internet has been like an echo chamber for me where I can scream and shout to people and for my thoughts and views to light up like a righteous fire that burns like a brightness that this world has not seen for many a year. I feel like I’m burning with ideas and visions and desperately trying to get them off my chest at this difficult time for all.

I am so angry but happy at the same time that I have been given this choice in time to say my truths. I’m so angry that someone has not said what I am saying before I was born on this planet that makes me fume so much. But happy in that I am here to help consider me a second class option to the one you really wanted.

Right now I get a lot of solace comfort from the friends that I live, work rest and play with back up in the real world which I am presently along with about 75% of the population in lock down from. As well as the love from of my family. Most other people just don’t really know me and think me mad, stupid or close to death.

I really do think this planet is a slave to itself and a little light of positive awakening through my psychosis at a time of strife and destiny for the planet can only be a good thing. A beacon is now lit and some want to stand in the flames and feel the burn, other are afraid to look or pretend it is not there or just stick their head up their own arse instead of looking themselves in the mirror and standing by their own truths and others are afraid that I am a psycho monster.

I know instead of the hard-work that it is going to take to shape a world worth living for we could ask your God to get a magic wand out and start firing fire-bolt’s from his arse because that seems like the right-thing to do now.

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