Work Team meeting

Just joined my first team meeting for Devon Communities Together we were all talking from work and went really well. I joined them by landline phone while they all plugged into zoom. A friend of mine has advised me not to use Zoom due to it’s hackabilty so I am just buzzing in from my landline phone to the meeting.

So good to talk to colleagues that know me as just a regular normal Joe to be ignored and sometimes listened to as they see fit. I have a meeting with our chief exec this afternoon about our communications network that we have built up to defend people from Corona19 and also from Corona19 disinformation the knowledge force-field we have implemented seems to be currently holding its own under the relentless attach of waives of negativity.

Have a tune to play for someone that I like that does not even know I exist. Ho hum, shit happens.

It’s all in the bloody eyes

Unrequited love and liking a wanna be celebrity is so funny in a really horrible dark and mysterious way!!

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