Pray for a better day

I am in contact with so many people at the moment, through this website, the phone, Email, YouTube, Facebook LinkedIn & finally my favorite which is Twitter (an awesomely powerful means of networking) I have also been search for some more images of my brother Andrew and found some little gems. I’m doing this as a journal for me and my family really, so long as I have money to pay for this website then I honor his memory and express my perception on this crazy little rock called earth. So for as long as I can afford to pay for this site his image can be seen down here among us earthlings as we warm are hearts around a digital fire that is the World Wide Web of Dreams, Hope and Fears.

Here is Andy at Poldark mine where he used to do Ghost Tours and paranormal investigations.

We sorted out some other photos of him and me too when we were growing up.

He was the king I was the Muppet left holding the bear.

On holiday in France here I think with my my Mum and my Grandpa and Andy behind me, the closer I look at the photo and yes it is definitely France because I am drinking Orangina.
For a better day
Why must we live and dream in metaphors

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