Man mountain

Just had a massive man mountain of a man drive up outside my flat, huge double hardcore you know the score kind of guy. I was a little nervous at first as he could eat me for breakfast if he chose to but I do not think that is his intention. He drove further down the road outside my place and then got out and did a little walking around. For all I know he was doing his sanctioned daily walk.

To close to heaven while to far away

I do worry sometimes that this blog puts me life in danger due to the views that I hold, every fecker is a critic, it just does not matter what you do or say.

Hope on the day that you read this that you have had a good day. Right now I feel like a little hobbit. I had heard that Tolkein had based his ideas around the hobbitts around the welsh. But to be honest he should have meant Devonians as they are a better collective and when they let Grockles like me settle in their shire it really is an honor to live here. Sometimes I feel like Frodo waiting for Sauron to come knocking at the door and ask me for his ring back. I would simply reply that I had chucked it in a bin years ago you will never find it now go do some litter picking you Fecking Muppet.

Hes not the ring bearer hes a very naught human

Is that bar open yet and wheres my Guinness

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