Exeter Indy

Just got this flyer through the post this evening from some independent restarants in Exeter standing up for their own future. Again life finds a way when you have vision.

I think I’m going to have something from eat the bird on the weekend for a treat. It will support a local eatery and be something scrumtious for me too.

So gad it’s Friday tomorrow.

I went shopping in St Thomas today and was looking around for something to photograph and saw what could have been a heroin needle dumped in the corner where local homeless people sometimes sit. I know they do not all need to take such drugs but it’s a very sad sight to see and not worthy of me photographing it.

This is the side of the lovely old railway bridge for trains to Cornwall

Not quite infinity and beyond

I would recommend in thsi day and age you pay your way what ever your doing cause no one wants to be the one caught breaking rules.

My camera was fairly basic so I could not quite catch all the seeds on this little feller looks like he is ready for when the wind blows.

Finally picture is some more hot cross buns from the bakery.

Lush and Tidy!!

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