A Green Knight of Legend

Just watched the trailer for the film above looks well cool. It would be epic to watch in an open air cinema where social distancing takes place or I would watch at home too.

Also went looking for a bible in my flat earlier so digging around in old boxes from when Iived with my parents and found the most random stuff.

Firstly there are these two little fellers and the one on the left is called Erin and has a little shamrock for a heart and the second one on right is called ‘The End’

So did I find a bible well unfortuntly not it must be at my mums and I don’t think I need one now, you can look up practicly anything on the internet when it comes to morality and most Christains especially the ones from the USA seem to be selfmastertyping about how much they Love each other with xxx kisses too and that is really not my scene. Actions speak far loader than words in my good book so if your boasting about how much you love god and god loves you with xtra kisses and using your ‘I am a Cathalic so I am saved from the gates of hell’ tag as some kind of free pass to heaven I think you really do have to get over yourself wake up and smell the coffee. What I really want to know is not how much you type for God but what are your works and deeds for God. Those are the things that motivate me and inspire me. Not selfderbating about who Loves Jesus the most or how happy they are that Jesus dies for them. Get over yourselves for Gods sake.

So this is the first book I found and it is a l kind of science fiction fantasy book about the present, past and future of planet earth. It really does get you thinking multidimentonaly and I kind of started thinking about the concept of a global village and blessings to all gods and godesses after I read this book back in the 1990’s. It touches on the idea of whether Jesus had to die in order to be the leader of Christian faithful and considers the concept that it is in the life of Jesus that our peoples learning should be based and not in his death. Is that a heretical thought or a sinful thought, well seeing as how I am not a Catholic and was baptised under Church of England I have nothing to confess to anyone my sins have been forgiven in the eyers of Christ due to my baptism and my freedom of speech and questioning nature might be hereasy but Jesus loves and forgives all. Finally not forgetting he died for mine and your right to continue to sin and act like twats well arn’t we the lucky ones. So I feel comforatable with my freedom to express myself and call out all Christians that do not work towards a physical change in the world for the better and to act toward the improvment and unenslavement of their fellow men and women as waist of space and a waist of the death of your Jesuse Christ. Praise be to GLOB!

Second book I found might well be less than fiction and the cover speaks for itself.

Final book about the theory and culture of the matrix was again a fun read.

God bless us even the hummies that live swimming in there own ignornace, sin and self serving nature, they no not what they do and even if they do know exactly what they are doing that aint my problem. Regardless of who or how you are judged by hummies on this earth in this life, it will be God who ultimalty gives you and me our score card when we die and go to a different place.

Moby the Vegan Living Legend

What does niggle my noddle is why do people behave badly if they know God exists, it’s like the very last thing Jesus said before he dies the first time time which was “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” why would a sinless being ask such a question and why would it be his last question before he dies the first time? His last rights you might say.

By the way for any people that feel sadness or sorrow with what I write I am not trying to hurt you I am trying to help you.

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