The digital phantom menace

Hello this post is part two of

Very little to report really. I have mostly been working from home and just heading to pharmacy to collect my medication prescription. Walked out with my coat on this morning to walk to boots where I picked up my prescription from the weather was lush. On the way back it stopped raining so I was able to put my hood down and see where I was going properly.

Still working on competing a list of parish council’s in Devon linked to parish centres and hubs. It’s really interesting and I hope to get out to some of those hubs once lock down is over and take some photos.

So I had no reply from the police and no reply from Natural England, both of who I contacted and left messages with yesterday. After getting some advice from my dad due to an incident he witnessed yesterday I decided to call the 101 number for the police and see if they had received my email. After a little time I got through to a lovely young woman who was able to advise me that the police emailing system has no record of reciting my email and that it was important that I had emailed the wildlife team as this might be a crime to investigate. She took my phone number and contact details and set up ticket ID for me there and then and asked me to re send the now lost email. How computer systems for the police lose emails I am not sure but hey, how. So I was busy preparing the information again to send to them when I got a phone call. It was a police officer that had just spoken to the women that I had been speaking to.

They still could find no evidence of the email or photos that I had sent to them or the photos that I had sent or a police log. So we both now had the log that the nice lady on the phone had just regenerated and I asked the officer if I could forward him the email I sent yesterday copying in the wildlife officer too. He agreed that that would be a good idea.

As he was speaking to me he also wanted to make a note of my address and name because as well as my email they were also not coming up on the police system. So I gave him my address and described to him where I lived and he said he would look further into finding me on the police records. It’s weird the last people you expect to have no record of you is the police. Amazon, Umber and Royal mail all know where I live so why don’t the police a little worrying.

Not long after I put the phone down on him a cop car drove past my front window so I am hoping they are looking into the culling of the trees and hedges email, but I am very surprised about how much effort it has taken to get through to the right people and still don’t know if my efforts are in vain.

So to be continued people Sorry nothing exciting no loss or victory on this matter yet.

Better photo of some of the greenery that survived

I will try and let you know if I have any news tomorrow



I am so thankful for my parents they both no how to both ground me and let me fly in equal measures.

Devon Bard when he was young, when there first single came out a friend of mine, who is the same chap that I pay to do the design of my website worked in a pub in Exeter called Chumleys, she was so proud of her big brother Chris Martin for having a chart topping hit and little did she or anyone else know then that he would go on to be such a global superstar.

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