Revenge of the Sith

Not the happiest Star War’s title for May the 4th, but I do like to think outside the box.

So I started contacting my councillor and the police among others about a potential wildlife crime taking place along the railway track last week and the Wildlife Crimes officer phoned me today to say he had received mine and the councillor’s emails about the destruction of nest sites along the rail embankment.

He confirmed a fear of mine which was that to destroy a nesting site is indeed a crime, but only actually but witnessing the crime or having evidence of said crime could anything be done to legally tackle the crime. I did not bother to ask what the punishment would be as this seamed rather trivial.

So there we have a crime has taken place along rail embankments all across the UK during nesting season on a daily basis not just here but nationwide every nesting season and the only people with the evidence to report it are the very same people that are committing the crime in the first place.

This is madness it is like asking a fox hunt to police cruelty against foxes or a domestic abuser to be the only person that can report his or her crimes. A hunter reporting that he accidently caught a healthy fox or a domestic abuser phoning up to tell the police they have just attacked their partner and the police turning up to take the evidence from the aggressor who is then prosecuted due to his own testament! Bonkers or what a crazy piece of legislation. What then worries me is this ecocide legislation is accepted by the police and was designed and enacted by our politicians and then enforced by or judges and lawyers. They are all accomplices to the injustice of ecocide and by very implication guilty themselves to the law of the land. Ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law.

Martin Luther King Quote "When Evil Men Plot", MLK Promena… | Flickr

What is the meaning of a stitch time saves nine? Procrastination means to delay or put off doing something until a later time. People use “a stitch in time saves nine” to express that it’s better to spend a little time and effort to deal with a problem right now than to wait until later, when it may get worse and take longer to deal with.

Imagine if you will if Anakin had not turned to the darkside and the plot had been discovered how cool woudl that have been to be a Jedi then.

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