Charitable Goods

So I have just been online and ordered some Blue Ray films that I have not seen yet which look kind of interesting. I opted for the budget second hand ones that are a few years old at least as there the cheapest and I am a cheap skate.

So I have a nice wooden TV stand with which is nearly full and I then start trying to sort the films out and realised there are DVD’s I have kept for years with which some of the films I even have two copies of and some I have never even watched or wanted to. I sort them into ones that I like and ones that I do not need any more so can recycle.

I don’t need any money for them but I know some charities will beenfit from them. It turns out the charity shops are closed at the moment but what I have done is put the DVD aside and I will wait untiil they are open again and then give them the films.

I also have a Salvation Army shop at the end of my road so I can donate my DVD’s and unneeded clothes there to and if we are still on lock down I can incorporate it into my daily walk. If I could post items to them I have some spare boxes here and I would be prepared to do that to.

I also have an I shall contact them later and see what they say. Charity donations are going through the floor at the moment due to so many people being made redundant so every little helps.

If you’re having a sort out why not donate to one of your local charities. It has also made me think about when I die and what to say in my will I think for my possessions that can be donated that is what I will do, seeing as how I am single with no children and do not want someone else to have the hassle of sorting the stuff out I can donate it to a charity.

I have a will from my mum too and here house is like a labyrinth of beautiful stuff which I thought I would have the hassle of having to sell buy again I think I will try to have most of it recycled and donated to charity now. So it can go to someone that really wants it and also a charity will benefit too.

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