Bovine Boris prior reasoning to be committed

Cabinet had given HS2green signal“.

One of Boris’s motos appears to be if in a hole keep digging. The biggest infrastucture project for 100 years.

What will be the cost?

Of the 67 MPs constituencies crossed for HS2 high speed rail linked the majority object to it being built in their constituencies.

Thatcher banned milk from our schools and shafted the miners. Some people never forget or forgave her for that and it was very much what her legacy was defined by her critics.

Could Boris’s incompetent handling of HS2 and his efforts to bulldoze through the countryside be high Maggie moment which when it goes wrong with costs spiralling and ecocide and wilful destruction of this green and pleasant land being backed by him coming back to haunt Boris. To avoid a colossal bill coming down the tracks, the HS2 minister Andrew Stephenson must act.

Why Vote AGAINST Andrew Stephenson In Pendle?

Above it describes the calibre of the minster in charge

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