Lockdown Lunacy!

I did a post yesterday called Coronovirus-Apocolypse, to be honest as I am not a Christian and I in no way believe that there will ever be an apocalypse and believe it to be to all intense purposes Scholar’s negative propaganda and a stitch up to force people to believe that there messsiah is the only being in exisitence that can save your soul.

To claim that the good guy (Jesus Christ) will only arrive after the bad guy (the anti-Christ) turns up is absolute horse shit. One person was even boastfully claiming in a blog comments section yesterday that all Christians and Jews are the good guys and all Muslims and atheists are in some ways in cahoots with the Devil and all Muslims want all Christians dead.

Nobody thought this was wrong and challenged his delusion how can good hearted, righteous minded none Christians, none atheist and none Muslims none Jews operate in such a world where views are peddled by people that hate any opposite view. So much so that what is said or done is no longer relevant what matters to them is what colour religion your supporting. Religion today is less about spiritual enlightenment and metaphysical nourishment than it is about which team you support and why you are the good guys and the others are bad. Its utter, utter bollocks.

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