It Costs Nothing

High hopes

Are we trapped within the system?

Slaves to what we say & do?

Slaves to what we can afford to pay for

Or slaves to what we allow ourselves to spend our money on too?

Are we standing on top of a mountain?

Able to look back on all that went before?

Or are we looking head on squinting to foresee a future, worth moving on to.

Will we tumble down the mountain with no clue on how to descend?

Will we be weary, battered, bloody and raw at our very end?

With hope seems just beyond our horizon it seems difficult to see!

What lies at the bottom of this misty mountain?

What will be there I just do not know,

I’m sure it was worth the choices that we made along the way,

The work we did I hope by the time we get to the bottom will be enough to pave the way.

For a good future, optimistic, realistic and well rounded point of view at the bottom of the descent.

We will only know when we get there or should I say at the very end!

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