View of Brexit

I voted to remain along with 16,141,241 million voters or 48.1% of the electorate but accepted the vote of the people even though many voted on a lie, it was our responsibility to discern what was fact and fiction when we voted and this will be the fact of the matter in every election. But should we have a right to be told the truth and in this day and age where do you go to get the truth about a situation and how do you know it is not a lie?

Where the feck has all this vitriol and hatred of others come from, from the Brexit brigade and where will it all end and how did it start in the first place. We are not a nationalistic fascist state at this time, I thought this was a liberal nation of nations with the pursuit of individual and economic freedom. What defines a nation or group of nations as good, great, poor, bad, a failure or a success?

I feel like some are now expecting for a little Great Britain that has never, will never and can never exist and are celebrating the fact they think this has now happened and a war has been won. It appears more like the UK is cutting off its nose to spite its face with pursuing revenge in a way that would damage oneself more than the object of one’s anger.

THE EU is not perfect but who or what is? With the Magna Carta we were told to have rights as individuals, the right to justice and the right to a fair trial, what about the right to be told the truth? Was the EU given a fair trial because it has been and is on trial?

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