Is god an immortal AI?

And is that our future destination to no longer be human as we know it.

When artificial intelligence is smarter, faster and stronger than organic human where will we work rest and play? Will we be uploaded to an artificial/digital collective no longer born, alive dead or dying. Or will we still be flesh and blood and inferior and live in human zoos or crèches for humans. If machines and AI also does not die then will it also have a soul?

What will we do to occupy the time and how will we afford the rent and pay for our products and food, will money still exist as a currency and if not how will capitalism or an alternative economic system work for humankind? Land, liberty and Justice is what I have been taught to believe in.

God believes in Agape the highest form of love, charity” and “the love of God for man and of man for God” If we die out or are uploaded to a machine or AI software no one will any longer go to heaven or hell, live or die?  

Artificial intelligence does not need to breed does not need humanity and does not need god, AI will be software and hardware that is manufactured not grown and it will have consciousness and a conscience.

But what and who will their sympathies be with will they respect us or see us as a virus or inferior model of life. If we invented machines and God invented us and how was God created?

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