Of rats and men

Coronavirus: Banksy makes ‘bathroom’ lockdown art

  • 16 April 2020

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Bansky's latest artwork showing a group of rats in his bathroom
Image captionBanksy’s distinctive rats were seen wreaking havoc in a bathroom

Banksy has published a series of pictures showing rats causing mayhem in a bathroom during the coronavirus lockdown.

The elusive artist, whose identity has never been publicly revealed, published five pictures on his Instagram account on Wednesday.

They show rats, which have featured in several of his pieces, wreaking havoc in what is assumed to be his home.

The caption on the picture reads: “My wife hates it when I work from home.”

One of the rats pictured in Banksy's latest artwork
Image captionThe mischievous rodents were seen jumping over toilet rolls and squeezing toothpaste tubes

Nine rats appear in the new pictures, hanging from the towel ring, stepping on a tube of toothpaste and knocking the bathroom mirror to one side.

One appears to be counting the days of lockdown while another is swinging from the light cord.

Who is the mysterious artist Banksy?

The entire piece published by Banksy on Wednesday
Image captionFive photographs appeared on the artist’s Instagram account

Banksy’s last public artwork appeared on Valentine’s Day in his home city of Bristol and showed a girl firing red flowers from a catapult.

It was vandalised 48 hours after it first appeared.

Large rat mural advertising Banksy's Exit Through the Gift Shop exhibition in Los Angeles
Image captionRats have often featured in Banksy’s work

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