Last Will & Testament

Just been on the phone to my mum and we have been discussing funeral arrangements for when we die.

I won’t tell you what she wants because that is private.

Basically I don’t really have anything of value a phone a pc, a wooden dreser with some uncle tom cobley and all items on it and a flat full of stuff. No one would need any of that crap thought I hope it goes to a new good home still.

I don’t care what music I get don’t even mind too much of no one makes it to a funeral. But I would like to be buried in a cardboard coffin if possible on a nature reserve owned by the Devon Wildlife Trust so that my body could go back to the earth.

Tidy and Lush

I have also asked if we could find a way of funding this site so as to be a dedication to my memory and the memory of my family similar to how Anne Franks Diary was in honor of her life.

Say a prayer for people that live on the floor

Amen to that.

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