Saturday Sun

Blooming Nora what a morning. I decided to update my bank account details so that I get paper accounts from them again. You try going back from digital to paper and its an absolute nightmare. I just think it’s a win win. If the paper comes from sustainable forests, then the printers have something to print, the woodlands have economic value to their wood. Also the Postman has something to post to me.

Plus I am forgetting what my login details are for my bank account so when I buy a new computer and move it to a new web browser such as Brave (which I highly recommend along with Firefox as a backup to log you in when Brave wont work) Microscum or Googly digital data sharing means are just to dam big and we should never have a monopoly supplier in the digital world because if your account gets hacked or your phone or computer hacked they have access to everything, yes I know scary or what.

So I tried moving back to paper billing with my bank and the dam thing locked me out. I had a message to say phone customer service to change password, which I did I asked them if I could keep my password and they said no and the only way to change it was online. SMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEGggg HEADDDddds

That is a Red Dwarf reference of Kriten trying to swear if your not familiar. The first episode of that programme is entitled the end! How odd. It’s a very funny show.

So I know have bank papers to deliver to my home plus a change of my digital password.

Then went to the newpaper shop to get again your smart thsi morning a newspaper. Independent for Saturday and Sunday today.

Also went to bakers and again to get some baked goods they were still selling hot cross buns so grabbed a pack.

On my way back I saw some graffiti.

Home is where your heart is very apt.

Then when walking back to my home just round the corner from the graffiti I saw this cheeky little monster.

I went and had a closer look and well what do you know.

Well Exeter is not in favor of the minions expressing themselves.


Vive La Revolution down wit the Digital Dictator!!! On the battle of Living organisms I’m a manic organic not a digital death dealer!!!

A late update to this post. This is a rare close up of my bro look at those eyes so soulful and magical.

The age of love and life or digital deletion YOU decide.

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