Bobs your Uncle

Well its 08:37 here and I am awake and pleased I got some sleep last night. I thought I would do a little post about my God Father, he was in a band in Liverpool called the Mojos and they had a top ten hit too. He was the drummer in the band and his name was Bobby Conrad. Unfortunately the Legend that is Bobby is no longer with us as death took his soul through a battle with bowl cancer a number of years ago. He taught me so much about how to be a good man and I am honored to have known him.

Bobby is the one standing in front of the word everything.

Well from one Bob to another good one that makes me look like a DJ, next tune is from Bob Marley another legend that is no longer with us.

How cool is this

For the record officer I don’t smoke skunk, cannabis, dope or pollen I am not saying that others can’t it just wrecks my head so not good for me. Unlike Guinness I am ok with that which is Vegan too.

There are lots of people around the world that are substance abuser’s but I think this is more of a product of an abusive environment than an abusive addictive personality. Give a person a life opportunity and they would have better things to do than be an alcoholic or druggie.

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