Thoughts About Light

For a change had a nice nights sleep last night after listening to some music before going to sleep. Have been shoping at a co-op store in Exeter purchase of the day was fair trade organic drinking chocolate to help me get to sleep on nights when I am struggling and having strange dreams and nightmares.

Lush and Tidy

It was a really nice walk this morning I went out nice and early though I still feel like I am running late. I am supposed to have logged on for work at 09:00am but it’s now 09:01. Oh well a few mins late won’t matter.

I have also found some great mems about light today so I will post one here.

Finley Quaye is the uncle of Tricky both are awsome

I saw Finley Quaye play in Cork many years ago when I went to Cork in Southern Ireland. My Dads side of the family is orignially from Cork have been there just once myself and it was quite a scary fiesty place that reminded me of Liverpool.

Ok better log into my work now.

Opps just time for another song.

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