The Children of Men & Women

This film just popped up in my YouTube account when I started searching for a song about something else, it’s about a dystopian future where hope rides in a single human being and people must run and escape to some fantastical community of hope for humanity that will solve humanities problems. I saw this film not long after it came out and a little nonsensical. There is no magical human project to run to there is no magical group of people going to solve your problems or save you from yourself.

The power to hope, to love, to care to work to actually give a dam for a new and better world and society lies within each of us come old or young. Each of us can bring miracles into this world and we all have the potential to be righteous to be good humans to be the greatest minds in the world working for a new society. This is neither difficult to do or rocket science.

The smallest of people can bring about the greatest of changes.

Speaking of the little people it hurts to see so many young people having the raw power and bravery in our time to stand up for what they believe in and be counted for climate change, ending of poverty, supporting of a health service and emotional fighting for a better world. They shame us all. When greater minds, world religious and political leaders simply close their eyes to global suffering, close their hearts to the love that lies in those with differences to themselves, shut their eyes to uncomfortable truths in today’s world, or refuse to hear with their own ears what appears to be deafening to others. Finally our so called elders, leaders and wise ones refuse to speak their truths so that we all might hear and find sustenance in their greater knowledge and good.

Why do we now turn to our children to be our teachers what has man learned in the core of his or her being since the birth of mankind. Is the answer that we know nothing, we have learned nothing we will repeat yesterday mistake today and then continue to commit them tomorrow. Are these the lessons that man bestows to his or her children?

We should all feel naked and ashamed when we are being taught by our children how to live, love and be enlightened onto a righteous side of life.

This song is by a singer called Nick Drake a Singer Song writer that did not conform to what we describe as normal, succesful or popular and powerful people. Sadly his life ended due to the medication that he was on it is not clear to this day whether it was suicide or accidental overdose.

And so the cycle of fighting with ourselves, our peers our allies and our rivals goes on for yet another moment in time is lost forever.

Oh what a fecking joy!!

This song has come up on my playlist a couple of times recently even though it’s on random!

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