Trained shopper

So nothing much to report today, thank God! Went on my usual walk to the shops trying to ensure I was not run over by Co-op Lorries, BT Vans or Bin Lorries (they all look like beasts by the way quite cool really).

Managed to take couple of quick shots from my camera. There are some really sweer rainbows in windows and thank you signs to the NHS but I don’t want to take a photo of them because its not fare on the home owner to take a photo with out permission.

So I snapped the little flower above and it made me think life like light finds a way and off to the shop I popped.

I saw a feather on the ground too so caught a photo of it on my way back.

I wanted to get the bottom of the telegraph pole in to the photo to so it is tricky to see the little white feather at the bottom of the pole.

That then got me thinking about American Indian Totem Poles when I got back home

So I went onto google and typed in Indian Totem Pole and found an image that I had permission to adjust and share and found this.

The pole above is from Alogonquin Provincial Park Canada

Also I hope you have a very happy Mother Earth Day

Wild World by Yusuf ISLAM / Cat Stevens

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