P.M. Boris is back

So our democratically elected prime minster is back in office today to do his job and be held to account. Didn’t they do well while he was away?

One of the things this poster misses out was the pay rise they all gave themselves during this s#itshow

Well I have been doing my rounds this morning collected my daily bread and paper among other supplies. Was asked for my ID for the first time too which I politely showed him.

I don’t mind seeing these little beauties because the authorities can step in if something kicks off or if it is a home cam at least they are a witness to any trouble that might occur. A little like politicians on ZOOM ZOoom zoom..

The  only thing I do almost religiously really around Exeter now is press the little traffic button. You just never know who will stop or when otherwise at least crossing when the lights go green reduces my chances of a hit and run job.

08:55 on 27th April 2020 so nearly time to start working busy day today too.

This video is filmed in Exeter on the Quayside. Great band I am a huge fan of their songs.

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