A new hope

So Went out to pick up supplies first thing this morning one of the items purchased was a new 4 pack of Guinness which I was looking forward to starting on tonight as I had not had a drink since I last went to a pub some 6 weeks ago. On the way back from the shops I saw some more network rail engineers. Not cutting up the trees and shrubs on the other side of the railway line. My thoughts went wild.

I thought this time I had a lot of work to do for my employer plus meetings to go to today so I could not afford to deal with this matter on my own and had to hope that the Police and my councillor could sort it out between themselves. I managed to get a brief photo from a distance of the men at work.

The top of the workers are the little orange dots in the distance which is their hi res jackets.

So logged into work and did as much as I could up to 5pm and then logged out and checked my phone and personal emails after that.

II had received a message which the police were also copied into which had only arrived in my email at 16:12pm that day. It was by my locally elected green councillor. She had checked with other neighbours regarding my concerns and also emailed Network rail, copying me and the police into her email

Dear All
I have spoken to network rail and informed them that this matter has been referred to the Police for investigation. The reference number is 200501-000901
Network rail said they will be speaking to the duty manager to investigate. I have asked to be updated about the review. I explained that while the brambles may need to be cut back that it isn’t allowed during the nesting season and they should ensure that their work falls within the Act to permit them to do so.

I can confirm that there is wildlife that uses  the embankment as resident have told me about it and I used this information in response to a recent planning application adjacent to the railway line.

Please can you let me know the outcome of this investigation.

I was so relieved to have someone else on my side with more knowledge of the law and awareness of who to contact and what to say and some of the little birds came back out to play today too.

We might not have save The Alphington railway line track to Marsh Barton but we let them know we new what they had done and asking for an explanation as to why thsi had been done.

So that’s all I know now. I can’t magic the trees out of thin air or prey for the birds to have their homes back. But hopefully those that had built nests can fly away and find homes else ware as wildlife refugees to try again.

I will try and keep you updated on what happens next if anythink. After work tonigth I also sat back and had my first pint in over 6 weeks tonight I normally don’t drink at home but this is in no way normal so.

So Cheers

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