Hate speech

There is a global phenomenon of disinformation and hate speech, hate actions and hate sound sweeping across nations both now and for what feels like forever and I am trying to think of way’s my site can square the circle of misinformation and hate speech by dispensing its spread.

So I will attempt to apply the above principle now to my posts.
So stuff is still goner make you angry right?
Hear speak see no evil Toshogu

The Three Wise Monkeys carved on a stable housing sacred horses at Tōshōgū shrine, Nikkō, Japan “Hear, Speak, See no evil”

Photo taken by myself in August 2003 perspective distortion corrected numerically

Copyright © 2003 David Monniaux

So stuff is still going to drive me go wild but I think I should be mindful of what I promote, how I promote it and to whom. I am also trying to apply this principle to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Huwspace posts too.

So why bother, well it’s an attempt to combat lies, hate speech and for want of a better word the darkside.

For those folk going through dark times it won’t stop me watching news sites such as the BBC and Sky news or reading my papers such as The Guardian or New York Times. If your plight means you need money I also continue to fund my chosen charities but that does not mean to say I will give you a penny.

But I may not be able to blog or promote your plight publicly or even be aware of your plight, that is not to say I would or do not care for what you have or are going through.

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