Helping a homeless guy

Well I have met a homeless man on my visits to and from the shops in St Thomas recently and have been buying him food or giving him money. We got talking and I find out his name and that for at least nine months including through winter he has slept outside and he says it was very cold during winter and he does not want to do that again if he can help it.

I told him that due to corinvirus he might be able to be housed now and he said that yes he had been offered accommodation but has refused it as does not want to be sleeping amongst smack heads (drug takers). He does have a point as there are illegal drug takers in the community and I have seen a used needle in a place where they hang out.

I said that he should still get some housing advice so that he knows what his rights are and possibly get registered on the housing list. I was temporarily made homeless when I had to leave my University course due to ill health and because of that I have my own flat which I can afford to pay both the bills and rent without having to pay the commercial rate that the private sector would charge.

I told the homeless chap that I would print out advice for him and give it to him the next time I see him. So I have a sheet ready for him now.

I know nothing of where he is from, where he grew up or even if he is local. Maybe I will find out one day.

Afternoon of 13th May 2020.

So I met up with him today he now has the information I printed out on a paper for him and I hope he calls the number.

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