Stop HS2 – UK Civil Service Fraud and manipulation

Above is yet another example of how the UK state mechanics fail’s the people, politicians and legal mechanisms of the UK. If the civil service have to resort to lying to set and maintain their agenda, then it is important to know what exactly that agenda is. In the mist of time they have probably forgotten who for what reason the design and decision that was made was and why it is important to stick to it.

I am still having dealing with Network Rail and the Police presently and even though the Police Officer is acting within the letter of the law I am in no way convinced that Network Rail are acting in the letter or the spirit of the law and am awaiting a response now from Natural England concerning the Truth of a matter. It will be interesting to see if they are also accomplices in the bull that enables ecocide and the destruction of wildlife to take place along swathes of the UK all slaughtered on the altar of progress!!

For the love of money

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