Exeter Anti-social distancing

It appears there are large swathes of people the globe over that have manged to justify to themselves the importance of no longer socially isolating whether it be to fonicating, fighting or fraternizing.

The consequences of this choice of action is simply too early to say but I don’t think medical professionals and key works are geared up yet to start nursing the needlessly dying of a second wave.

If I were to be uncharitable I would stereotype right now the very small minority of people most likely to kill you in Exeter is a very small minority of sun worshipers and festival goers or party people, that seem to think this is an exciting time to break the rules, not really mindful of how many viruses they are spreading or who in their family they might now have inadvertently put at risk or are in the process of putting to death, let alone the countless numbers of people they don’t know that might die.

For those that have been working to keep you alive I am sorry about the potential spread by arseholes and idiots and for those that go onto die because of this behaviour I have no words to describe my sorrow.

Death has not had it’s fill on my patch yet!

The south west of England now has the highest ‘R rate’ in the UK. An ‘R’ number for each region in the UK has been revealed for the first time – and the South West has the highest.

The number, also known as ‘reproduction rate’, represents the coronavirus infection rate. If it goes above 1, new restrictions and tougher social distancing measures could be needed.

The South West is estimated to have the highest infection rate with 0.9. The North East and East Midlands are thought to have the next highest, followed by the North West.

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