Homeless Outsider!

So yesterday was a weird one, some awesome news in that I have a start date for a new job which I am so pleased about. I still have my old job and had my job interview for the new one just before lockdown kicked in. It’s all been on hold with Covin-19 taking hold.

So In order to treat myself, celebrate and kick back and watch a Blu-Ray I thought I would get a chicken burger, fries and a sprite. Lush, lush, lush.

So food is on its way driver can’t find me home and I go out to meet said driver and try and direct him to my flat with no success.

But that first meal was not to be. The driver did not find my address, cancelled my meal and buggered off. Gee thanks Drive.

Well next thing that happens is I now had time to deal with the homeless man that had decide to crash out outside the front of my flat complex. This was not a pleasure, honour or problem that I wished to address.

I went up to the bloke asked if he was ok, at this time he was leaning against a wall with his eyes shut and sitting in the hot sun. I lost count of how many people that had already walked past him blanking him like he might have been asking for change which they were not going to give him.

Lots more happened and I don’t have the heart to write it down here but to cut a long story short, I gave him some water in a plastic milk bottle which he took on his way with himself.

I got my meal in the end from Uber Eats and was told it would be free but still got charged for it. I might chase my money back  on that today will have to see how I go. They might have cancelled the charge I am not sure yet.

My celebrations ended up being having a bath, watching part of the movie and falling asleep and trying not to sound to pissed off when explaining what the hell happened to my parents on the phone.

I was angry not with the homeless man but for want of a better description God. I thought way give me this sh*t show to me to deal with now. Why not give a guy a break for a change and let someone else act like the village idiot for a change?

Oh well another day another dollar.

If you are reading this I hope you are well and have a good day.

Best wishes to you

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