Covid-19 Vs Trump

2 thoughts on “Covid-19 Vs Trump”

  1. Thank you for your view. I work for a charity that is providing advice and guidance to community buildings on how and when to open and close safely. It really feels like your commander in chief has neither the will or desire to try to calculate the value of a human life over the value of economic wealth and health. That view really is an unprecedented experiment in matters of life and death for us humans as well as our economies.

    Those that are economically wealthy, healthy and have knowledge, will have an increase chance of not receiving and spreading Covin-19 to themselves or others. This virus is wicked and highly spreadable amongst people that are unable or willing to protect themselves from it. I wish you best of British luck and hope you continue to remain well during this pandemic.


  2. We have to find a way to contain the virus without a lockdown but that needs the cooperation of everyone to follow the guidelines. I was working still with the lockdown on as an Essential . Many choose not to follow & continue their lifestyle while the virus is being spread in the communities. The stay at home did help but now that reopening began , we will see a series of surges until an effective vaccine happens.


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