Putin’s Roadmap to Ruin

Putin says the war is a way to protect Russian speaking Ukrainians. As people in Ukraine try for three days on the run now, to flee for their lives through so called peace corridors, they are then shelled for their attempts to save their lives by the Russian artillery. This is a war where Putin protects Russia speaking Ukrainians by bombing them, so that they then rest in peace on the blooded cities, towns and villages of Ukraine, this is very dark stuff.

A war where Putin intensifies emotion in those he lies to on his own side by stating that the war is one to denazify Ukraine. Why he needs to bomb innocent civilians the elderly, women and children while the world films and watches at the horror of these atrocity I really am not too sure.

The world like a oil and natural gas addicted junkie is unable to commit to cancelling its orders for oil and gas from Putin just yet. What could someone like Putin do if left in charge of a major military power that also just so happens to have one of the world’s largest nuclear arsenals, well we are in the process of finding out.

There is not enough oil or money in the world to pay off apologist for his regime so that more enlightened human beings don’t see straight through the propaganda it now spouts.

Portishead – Roads

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