UK Coronavirus: Update 21st April 2020

I have been in two minds today about whether to post this it feels a little meaningless and worried that my emails just go up in a puff of smoke sometime and don’t actually reach out to those that might be able to do something with the information and experiances I try to share.

Missing the reaction of a another human being to bounce ideas and share their company with too. I try not to feel sorry for myself because there is always someone else in greater need and who suffered more today. But that said I guess its all realitve I am after all only human I have my ups and downs too. Though I do try and put a spin on this but it just feels a little dark today. Well below is an email that I have been preparing for Devon Communties I just post other peoples hard work a showman you might say putting on a front all the actual hardwork has been done by others.

I will be fine just need to recharge my batteries really.

Coronavirus: Update, advice and resources
21st April 2020

1)Important article from Post Office Services. Anyone who cannot leave home may now be able to ask a trusted friend or volunteer to withdraw cash at any Post Office using a single-use voucher.
2)Even before Covid-19 the international oil market was uncertain and now plunging prices will cause uncertainty in supply and so it is important that suppliers have good awareness and negotiating skills. Devon Oil Collective has entrusted Affinity with our oil supply and they are working hard to keep our members supplied. Their latest newsletter is below.
Devon Oil Collective is still taking on new and returning members. To find out more, visit our web site: or call 01392 248191
3)Charity Tax Group – link reports has provided the following update in respect of Gift Aid on donations freely given to charities and CASCs while membership subscriptions have been suspended.
4)Useful information for village halls and local organisations that have had to call off events on converting ticket refunds for cancelled events into Gift Aid donations
HMRC has issued guidance to help charities process ticket refunds, collect donations and reclaim Gift Aid for cancelled charity events. If a charity event is cancelled due to COVID-19, HMRC will accept that, where a person due a refund decides to donate this to a charity, the Gift Aid requirements are met provided the individual donor:
Does not receive a benefit as a result of their donation.
Agrees that the cost of their ticket becomes a donation.
Completes a Gift Aid declaration.
5) Join National Energy Action in The 2.6 Challenge to help to Save the UK’s Charities add link to website.
The 2.6 Challenge will launch on Sunday 26th April – what should have been the date of the 40th London Marathon, the world’s biggest one-day annual fundraising event.

To fundraise or donate to support National Energy Action (NEA) via

6) Government Extends Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) Cut-off Date
Online applications are now open for the CJRS.Through the CJRS, employers can claim a grant covering 80% of the wages for a furloughed employee, subject to a cap of £2,500 a month

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