Putin The Antidemocratic President

I am not a Christian so do not believe there will one day be an anti-Christ, my father told me when I was young that many people believed that Hitler was the anti-Christ due to the amount of atrocities he had willingly committed and this to me seemed plausible.

One of my fears concerning anti-Christ theory’s is that they are constantly looking for one and accusing others that they are one and that we therefore are living in the end of days all the time. At the time of Jesus some of his believes then truly with all their hearts also belived that they to were living in the end times and 2000 years later the debate still rages on amongst people of strong religious beliefs across a whole spectrum of religions about when are they going to happen and who is the anti-christ or leader of evil.  So I hope and pray that there is no anti-christ and that Putin is therefore not one to.

Darth Putin

Putin is weaving us down his very dark path through time immemorial. He is building his legacy on the bones & bodies of the dead ordered at his command. The non-believer in the freedom of thought, action and expression of individuals. The denier of Sovereignty to states and denier of democratic rights of his own citizens as well as those of others, well he does not have my vote.

His actions are not those of someone that wishes to protect others, but punish them from straying from his hell bent perception of the world. The strength of will of the people of Ukraine really shames Putin and all that he stands for.  

I thought you could not kill an ideal once born into this world. I now know thanks to Ukraine you can’t kill a nation that knows it has the right to exist.

One thought on “Putin The Antidemocratic President

  1. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:
    Nicely done and to me very thought provoking as well as stirring of my spirit. I can say for sure that Putin is not a rational human being so that should concern the entire human race! He sits upon the largest nuclear arsenal, quite advanced by current standards!

    Putin is on the same “Dark Path” as you say; which is the one that Lenin, Marx and Stalin along with many others followed straight into hell! And I assure you there is a hell just as there is a heaven; and it’s just that cut and dry! Communism is absolutely spawned from the darkest forces in the universe to counter the light of God and Jesus Christ which makes it totally antichrist! The Devil’s plan to rule all humanity and bring those souls to hell for eternity!

    Please check this first link out then the subsequent ones to get a bit of perspective of where I’m coming from in all of what I say and what I commit myself to 100%! Perhaps later I can take some additional time to expand on any of these important matters before us all.






    God bless.
    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III


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