Thoughts on hate bouncing around in my head this week

Hate seems to be a real driver in politics and life today along with fear too. The thing is though I genuinely struggle to hate although I do experience fear. I tend to fear those that hate the most in any political sphere or even life in general.

Fear – anger – hate – suffering (clip from star wars the phantom menace)

Home secretary Suella Braverman said those coming to Britain in small boats had “heightened levels of criminality” – including drug dealing and prostitution – but failed to provide any evidence for the claim. If this is not incitement to generate fear, cause anger which will lead to hate and suffering then I don’t know what is.

Immigration minister Robert Jenrick also went on to say that small boat arrivals were “essentially asylum shoppers”, as the Illegal Migration Bill cleared the Commons despite a tough time from Tory MPs concerned by the plan to detain and deport Channel migrants.

Its times like these when the UK is reminded that we have a right wing government in power. I fear for the politics of hate I also feel sorry for those that are hated and demonised; no good can come from this level of manipulation of a situation in order to score political points.

The conservative can continue to peddle lies and propagate damaging legislation into laws because they have a majority in our house of commons and they have they have that majority by wiping up hate for those that would challenge them.

I also saw the above photo doing the rounds on a hipster cool anti government page on Facebook in the UK about the state of American politics and their only crimes are probably that people have been taught to hate them. You might not agree with their views or how they conduct their politics or business but that does in no way make them criminals.

Peel below the surface of people that peddle this kind of disinformation and your in for one hell of a lot of conspiracy theories that just amount to zero fact and plenty of incitement to generate fear, cause anger which will lead to hate and suffering.

Was not sure whether to have dancing to the jail house rock as a song here today or something completely different!

Live Lounge Allstars – Times Like These (BBC Radio 1)

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