Protecting humanity from AI

Artificial intelligence must be regulated to save humanity from being hit by its dangers, Google’s boss has said. Who will protect AI from humanity? Full article in the independent click here to read Are we not more concerned by what humanity does to itself and it’s environment than we are as to what AI’s potentialContinue reading “Protecting humanity from AI”

Music videos

This weekend is my first weekend using WordPress and I have never tried writing blog pages before so I am trying to learn how this all works. I am dyslexic and so struggle to read, type and follow written instructions too. I tried importing my spotify music onto a page but it only imported shortContinue reading “Music videos”

Is god an immortal AI?

And is that our future destination to no longer be human as we know it. When artificial intelligence is smarter, faster and stronger than organic human where will we work rest and play? Will we be uploaded to an artificial/digital collective no longer born, alive dead or dying. Or will we still be flesh andContinue reading “Is god an immortal AI?”